Did a teary-eyed child just flash across your screen causing a pang of guilt as you deleted a plea for a donation on Mandela Day? Take heart! You're not alone. Fetola CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, unpacks the emotions surrounding donor fatigue and the shifts that free you to choose to give.

Say What?

What is the collective noun for a group of entrepreneurs? An ambition or acceleration? A hustle or hive? Whatever! A great deal of good comes about when a whole bunch of them work together in the same space. South African writer, David Chislett, shares his of experience working in an entrepreneurial incubator in Amsterdam.

Mentor Talk

The best person to teach entrepreneurship is the person who eats, prays and loves being an entrepreneur. Neo Malefane is one of these extraordinary people! His insights on how to juggle money, sales and marketing will help you focus on the balls you must keep airborne.

First Aid Kit

Having trouble motivating your employees to buy into your recycling initiative? Our simple, quick and proven suggestions will get your employees on board, laughing, and actively engaged in saving the planet.

Career Tips

Thinking of applying for an internship? Why settle for cutting your teeth in Bloemfontein when you could go to Berlin or Barcelona? French student, Foucauld Wattecamps, chats about spending five months in South Africa and the valuable international experience he gained in the business development sector.

Companies We Like

Who says you can't be a poet and a fashionista? Who says you can’t combine Afro-centric fashion and design with literature? Businesswoman and bookworm, Bukelwa Nqoqo, is combining the various loves of her life and is making a huge success of it at the East London Airport.


Making Africa Work is a wonderful antidote to Afro-pessimism and the naysayers who peddle it. Read a short extract that tells a fascinating story of South African agribusiness. Authored by four brilliant minds, this refreshing book gives many excellent reasons how and why we should plan for a great African future.

The shortest month of the year brings salaried employees a measure of relief, as their money doesn’t have to stretch as far as it did in January! Employers, however, face the annual reckoning of the tax year-end. Catherine Wijnberg of Fetola shares some tips for navigating this tricky financial period.

Enjoy this free sample from a fabulous book that offers business owners a rich supply of tips, tools, and templates from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson. If you are an entrepreneur, the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion should be on your bookshelf!

Google is great for recipes, directions and movie reviews, but when it comes to financial planning you might want to call in the experts... Sasha Planting of Moneyweb invokes Little Red Riding Hood and comes up with some sound recommendations.

Ready to trade being a boss for a world of margaritas and tropical vacations? In the second instalment about valuing and selling your business, Des Chambers explains how to determine the financial worth of your business, so that you can sell it one day and retire in style.

It's February, and that means Valentine’s Day and tax! Having trouble wrapping your head around tax legislation? Consultant and business owner Sabelo Thusi has some useful tips for small business owners on how to plan properly so that you can sail the stormy seas of SARS compliance smoothly.