Resolution 1: Believe In your Dreams

Cathy's Editorial

Dear Reader,

I love January. I hate January. I love January … don’t you find that this part of the year is a mix of feelings? It starts with a longing that the languid Christmas holidays could continue as we resist the ‘back to work’ feeling, and then magically transforms to a sense of excitement as the year ahead begins to show its potential.

This year a great question popped into my meditation routine to spark this transition. The question was “so how will you shine the light called you?” It reminded me of the power of being oneself – and of following one’s honest, authentic purpose. It inspired me to make a firm commitment to my holiday musings, which was to take concrete actions that benefit the planet – and to encourage others to do the same (more about this later!)

January brings the gift of remembering one’s purpose; dreaming the impossible dream and setting sights on how we can live our personal potential.  It is about being grateful for what we have, and deciding how we will live the next twelve months, the next twelve years and perhaps the rest of our life. For entrepreneurs, this means setting goals in the business too, and perhaps working on those long-term succession-planning targets?

A year ago I completed a 365-day challenge to do something different every day. It was a hard road at times and difficult to stay the course for the full duration, but it transformed my willingness to take risk, resulted in fundamental changes in the business and made me personally more conscious of my actions. In short, it was life-changing.

So if you too want to embrace the challenge this year brings, I’m sure you will enjoy the article by Fetola’s Kirsten Barnes – “Start your year the right way”. She shares six simple steps from which we can all benefit.

I also loved the article about ten strange employment laws – so good to lighten up and realize there are other crazy countries out there! Look too for the fabulous clip from Fetola’s Anton Ressel, sharing simple wisdom on branding yourself.

I invite you to enjoy the read and while you are at it – consider joining the movement of citizens taking action to benefit the planet by refusing the straw, reducing unnecessary plastic usage and committing to collecting three pieces of rubbish each time you visit the beach (or forest)…

Kind regards