Attracting and Retaining Talent


In this extremely competitive digital world, employers face two major challenges: finding talent and keeping it!

People are ever more alert about selecting their next career move. Companies need a proactive approach to attracting and retaining quality staff. Consider the following when making employment decisions:

Company Culture
The best way to ensure companies are attractive is to promote and nurture their company culture. It’s all about the people! With the right people in place, new hires are far more likely to stay.

A common reason people seek new opportunities is not financial, but the need for a different company culture. Freedom to be creative and being inspired enables staff to grow and reach their full potential.

Consider taking the time to offer learning sessions and workshops. A collaborative approach to team learning improves the chance of building an awesome company culture.

The Role of Senior Management
Recruit and retain an excellent senior management team to harness the company culture which inspires and teaches others. Senior management’s support of other staff will drive key performances.

This approach opens doors for juniors too. Hire for potential and allow your senior team to train and retain.

Openness and honesty, praise and loyalty are vital. People tend to stay when working in an open and honest environment where their opinion is valued and their growth is facilitated by freedom and creativity.

Engagement with Long Service Employees
Engagement with long service employees keeps motivation and dedication going. Some people become less engaged with an organisation over time. Paying attention to them helps them keep sight of the bigger picture. This enables them to hold the company focus in mind, as well as their personal goals and exciting career potential.

New talent in organisations inevitably looks up to long service employees, taking inspiration and encouragement from them.

It’s always good for employees to assess their own performance throughout the year. Everyone loves to see growth. So, measure progress and set bench marks for personal and professional goals.

Industry Professionals
Consider liaising with a reputable talent agency to handle your appointment requirements. By partnering with skilled professionals in the industry, you receive the advice, support and assistance you need to make excellent appointments, ensuring an optimal fit between your company’s needs and the people involved.

Emily Keyes is the MD and founder of The Talent Boom, an international executive search firm based in SA and Amsterdam. Originally from the UK, Emily relocated to South Africa in order to service the creative, advertising, digital, tech and sports world partnering with ad agencies, global development houses, game-changing start ups, sports agencies and large corporates across the globe.
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