Be the Captain of Your Future

Cathy's Editorial

When seas are rough and the clouds crack with lightning it is vital that the captain of the ship has a firm eye on the destination and a confident plan to arrive there safely. But, who stands by the captain, and reassures her that all will be well when the waves are crashing over the bow?

In the past two weeks, we have facilitated personal transformation and business vision workshops for more than 100 entrepreneurs. Business owners from every corner of the country, operating in every sector of the economy have sharpened their personal vision and life purpose, and aligning themselves to their business goals.

These three days have inspired and energised us, with a renewed confidence and belief in the future of South Africa. A significant number of these entrepreneurs hold a deep passion to make a difference in the world.

It is this inner passion that will energise them today, tomorrow and well into the future. It is this spark that will unite and excite the people who work for them and keep their future bright.

When walking out of those workshops into the real world, the contrast is stark. It takes effort to stay focused on the purpose of the business and to keep away from the hurricane of negativity, racial tension and general anxiety about the future of the country.

It reminds me that one must, indeed, be slightly mad to succeed as a small business owner… but, thank heavens for our madness! It’s what makes us fun to be with, inspiring to work for, and fills us with tireless energy to make a difference in the world.

Fetola and the many hundreds of support organisations are rooting for your success, standing by to guide you so that you keep focused on your goals when the storms approach.

Go, small business owners of South Africa! The future is yours.