BoostMe360 connects employers with motivated job seekers


Local portal for entry-level job-seekers attracts funding from international investor, Pearson, has launched a programme funded by a UK-based business innovation facility.

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses wear many hats; managing daily operations, running Human Resources and payroll, and sometimes even working the cash register. With busy schedules, it can be challenging to find the right staff for contract work.

“This is why BoostMe360 – a Pearson South Africa initiative to link employers with potential candidates, is such a good fit for owners of SMEs, who have limited capacity and sometimes limited knowledge of hiring processes,” says Carolynne Lengfeld, Project Director for BoostMe360. Best described as an online job and skills development platform, it is a cost-effective and easy way to find available entry-level staff who are located nearby and have the qualities that the business owners are searching for.

When job-seekers register on, they complete a personalised profile, including a short video or audio clip introducing themselves to prospective employers. Employers are able to customise the filters to match the required skills and interests of the job posting. Potential candidates receive an sms, email, and profile notification to be interviewed or hired. If they go on to be hired, they earn additional points against their profile on the platform, as their employer rates their job performance. The more points these contract workers earn, the higher they rank among candidates registered on the portal.

Another way that job-seekers can make sure their profile rises through the ranks is to complete e-learning modules hosted on BoostMe360. “The learning modules are all free and are designed to help job-seekers improve their soft skills. The more modules they complete, the more points they accrue, and the potential employer is able to view this on their profile” says Lengfeld. In this way, job-seekers ready themselves for the work environment and become more noticeable to employers.

“We are very excited by the early successes,” says Lengfeld. “Thus far we have successfully managed to place youth within various industries including BPO and Hospitality. One of our first placements, a single mother from Khayelitsha, has in a relatively short period of time experienced the benefits of being part of the BoostMe360 youth community through the demonstration of her leadership ability and training the new hires for a well-known fast food chain.

BoostMe360 has a growing youth community, who are motivated to learn, improve, and eager to contribute to SAs economy. And we feel very privileged to be able to positively contribute to helping youth and employers connect.”

“BoostMe360 received funding from a UK-based business innovation facility, and we have now successfully launched our service,” says Lengfeld.

Small business owners are invited to a Networking Breakfast on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 at 09:00 – 11:30 in Cape Town. We will facilitate discussions such as labour law, best hiring practices and training and development with leading HR practitioners from the CCMA, Cape Chamber of Commerce and Corporates. RSVP here.