Caring for People as a Path to Profitability


There was a time when profitability was considered the sole determinant of a successful business. A desirable product relied on a slick marketing formula to generate predictable and generous sales!

This was what every entrepreneur dreamed and hoped for, spending time, effort and energy chasing that elusive winning formula. Because profitability enables growth and keeps a company competitive, managers were exhorted to think primarily of productivity and cost-effectiveness.

We are now in an era with an additional pressure of holding a green sensibility in mind. As these issues become ever more relevant, another significant dimension of creating a sustainable workplace is to consider how best to create a holistic environment for the humans that keep a company optimally functional. Your health is your wealth, goes the old adage. In these pressured times, stress management is an integral – though often invisible part – of keeping everything in balance.

Another path to find the winning equation is to create a team that communicates successfully and remains motivated. Well-trained employees who are committed to the company goals is conceivably the most valuable resource.

Research indicates that the majority of people spend most of their waking hours at work. This aspect highlights the importance of a low-stress and inspiring working environment in generating higher levels of motivation and productivity amongst employees.

The business’ success is also tied to the company’s ability to identify and resolve workplace issues. Psychology in the corporate environment focuses on improving effective communication between team members; enhancing interaction and collaboration; making elegant decisions that balance a variety of needs and complexities; and swift and effective resolution of individual and organisational problems.

By embracing these and other considerations, psychology in the workplace aims to manage organisational behaviours with creativity and compassion. This ultimately leads to increased productivity and decreased stress amongst employees and the employer.

Psychologists working in corporate settings apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways to help solve human and organisational dilemmas such as optimising the quality of employees working circumstances, formulating and implementing training programs and evaluating their effectiveness, coaching employees and the organisation’s leaders as well as identifying training and development needs of teams and individuals.

Psychology in the corporate environment assists businesses to achieve an inspiring work-culture to develop the health and wellbeing of its employees. The decision to support and enhance the long-term wellbeing of those who work in a company is about more than the bottom line. Success and profitability as part of a holistic humane vision plays a significant part in enhancing the wellness of people who work in a company. Consulting a qualified professional with an interest in corporate culture can be a tremendously valuable investment.

Those who experience positive interventions are empowered to return to their families with their self esteem intact, and a felt sense that affirms their value to the world of work.


Andri Burger and Annemarike de Beer are a team of psychologists who started Synergy Psychological Services in 2011. With branches in Ruimsig, Garsfontein and Bela Bela they offer their professional service in how to optimise the growth and development of individuals and groups. Their focus on strengths and minimise limitations.

In the corporate field they aim to empower individuals to cope with the stress of the work environment through executive coaching, equipping teamswith the right knowledge and skills to form a cohesive whole, increasing the productivity of the team as it reaches its full potential.

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