Is Youth Wasted on the Young?


Youth is wasted on the young…. Or is it?

In this edition of The Catalyst we explore just how wrong this phrase can be. Picture the scene: on the one hand, bright young people brimming with fresh ideas untarnished by the life experience, and on the other, elders polishing the ‘been there, done that’ badge, dismissing new fangled ideas as rash and foolish.

The collateral damage is lost opportunity. Youthful innovations that launch with great enthusiasm but fail because of lack of wisdom, and established businesses with older leaders, that miss opportunities because they cant see them, or simply don’t have the appetite for change, or risk.

I believe that a solution lies between these two extremes – a kind of rapid prototype pathway that harnesses youthful enthusiasm and helps it succeed. The combination of youth and wisdom allows us to leapfrog new learning and put it into action.

Young people across the country are striving to find new ways of make business work for them. We see in this issue young people’s passion, resilience and innovation shining through. All articles written in this edition were written by or about people under the age of thirty-five, proving that, despite outdated claims to the contrary, many young people do know what they’re talking about.

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CEO and Founder of Fetola,
Catherine Wijnberg