Create a legacy

footprints in the sand

Every decision we make leaves an impact on the legacy that we are creating. Ultimately these decisions impact what we achieve in our lives, and how we will be remembered.

As a parent, for example, we can be kind to our children and encourage them to find their inner wisdom thus leaving a legacy of strong, self-confident youth, or we can bully them, shutting down their self-belief and turning them into disempowered followers.

It’s the same in business – every time we make a decision, we are setting its direction. Each choice makes tiny adjustments in our pathway and determines the road the business takes. The choices we make on a daily basis add up to a legacy of good, or of bad. A legacy we are proud of, or not.

If we look back on our decisions, we can see the tracks they left in the sand of our past. Some decisions fade into history, others chase after us and can ruin our future. Decisions made in haste, or under financial pressure may lead us down the wrong road. The question is, how can we create guidelines for ourselves that help us to make the right choices?

Perhaps the easiest and most powerful of these is the simple benchmark for moral choices – if this was plastered all over the Sunday Times this weekend, would it still feel like the right decision?

Leadership is not for sissies. It requires strength of character and the willingness to do what others avoid. Leadership requires us to make difficult decisions, and to turn to face our demons.

South Africa needs a new wave of strong, honest leaders who serve others before themselves. Leaders whose moral compass is set firmly to ‘Good’.

In this issue we look at ethical leadership and why you should create a legacy you can be proud of. We asked you who should be responsible for setting South Africa’s moral compass, and these are the results. Test your  leadership style, and follow our tips on choosing the best auditor to avoid seeing your name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

We chat to a techno-entrepreneur about why green packaging is the ethical choice and find out how a small business leader is steering his enterprise in the right direction.