Design a Logo for Your Company Online – It’s That Easy

Coca-Cola Brand

When you’re walking through a shopping center you notice the brands that you’re familiar with for a reason – they’ve stuck in your head over the years. I know when I go shopping for running shoes that I am going to look at Nike and Adidas – for no other reason other than the fact that I associate these brands with good quality products.

This is why logos are important – they are the face of your business and a visual display of what your company stands for enabling your business to be promoted both online and offline.

Create your logo yourself

Hiring a designer is an expensive process and you may not have the necessary skills to design your own. To help you, we’ve rounded up some resources to your logo. With these free options, there is no need to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a logo because you can do it yourself. Just like Suzelle says “DIY? Because anybody can”.

  1. Logojoy

Logojoy is a free online tool that will help you create your logo. You will be asked a few questions about your company and brand – just like a designer would. A logo will then automatically be generated for you based on the answers you gave. If you don’t like the suggestions you were given then you have the choice to request more logo options. Once you have decided on the logo you want you can edit the logo.

It’s totally free to make your logo on Logojoy, you only need to pay for the logo when you are happy. There are also different pricing packages for you to choose from.

  1. Logoshi

Logoshi also generates logos that are based on the input you give about your business. But, what we really liked about Logoshi is the option to sketch your version of the logo you want – Logoshi will automatically create something completely unique based on your sketch.

With Logoshi you can edit fonts, colours and layout – you only pay for your logo when you download it. There are also various payments options for you to choose from.

  1. Canva

Canva is another great, free online tool that will help you capture the essence of your brand. Canva has both free and paid templates for you to choose from and you can change the colour, font, images and elements of the template. Another great feature that Canva has is the ability to upload your own images.

Canva can also be used to create brochures, infographics, posters, and social media banners.

Canva is a free tool and downloading your new logo won’t cost you a thing.

4. Logo Crisp

When creating your logo with Logo Crisp all it takes is three simple steps and in two minutes you’ll have your own logo. Once again, you will be asked to fill in information about your brand and select a logo category before you can choose your logo. Once you have chosen your logo you can customise just about everything about it – icons, fonts, colours, text and more.

Logo Crisp allows you to select a logo, edit and only once you are happy do you need to pay. There are different pricing options to suit your budget.

Things to consider when creating your logo

1. Follow the leader

When it comes to the design of your logo, don’t try reinvent the wheel – pay attention to what big brands do:

  • 95% of the world’s top brands use one or two colours
  • 41% of those brands use stylised type as their logo
  • 93% of these logos are simple enough to be recognised at a much smaller size

 2. #LogoLaw:

Colour is an important part of your logo, there is even a little bit of a science behind it. This article will give a better understanding about colour and logos.

These guidelines will keep you on track

  1. Keep it simple: This ensures the recognition of your brand and makes it memorable
  2. Make it timeless: Your logo needs to be future proof and stand the test of time
  3. Be versatile: Your logo must be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications
  4. Be appropriate: How you position your logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose