Opportunities Abound

Catherine Wijnberg


In a recent personal transformation workshop we polled entrepreneurs on what they found most exciting about South Africa today. An astounding 33 out of 36 respondents declared ‘opportunity’ as number one on their list.

The ability to spot an opportunity (and to utilise it) is, of course, the measure of a good entrepreneur, but it also indicates a strong counter-trend to Adrian Gore’s belief that South Africans are too negative.

This response matches our growing excitement on the number and quality of young businesses emerging across the country. In our latest SAB Foundation Tholoana programme intake, 61% of applicants were under 35 and an increasing number of them have actively chosen to leave full-time employment to launch their new venture.

That young people are driven to take a risk on opportunities in the economy is exciting and hugely positive for the future of South Africa – all the more so when negative media focus is on politics, economic stagnation, climate change, and most recently, global cyberwarfare. Proof that there is always a business opportunity in challenge!

Following the theme of challenge, this month’s issue includes some great stress management tools, and a lovely storyline about the influence of luck. “‘Lucky’ people deliberately maximise chance opportunities, they trust their intuition, they expect good fortune, and they consciously turn bad luck into good.”

For the first time, too, we include ‘Career Tips’, an article for the people within the business, reminding us that our attitude towards work (irrespective of our position) starts with our attitude towards life. Talking about attitude, please take a look at the SAB Foundation award-winner from Senekal (insert link). Young Richard Montoeli reminds us that the passion to serve others through business is a great driver for success.

Lastly, our featured book review and excerpt from Embracing Anxiety by An Bakkes, share the story of resilience under pressure and how to turn adversity into a life opportunity.

If you have a story to share about how you turned adversity into an opportunity, please share in the comment box below each article. We love to hear readers’ suggestions, so do please drop us a line!

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CEO and Founder of Fetola
Catherine Wijnberg


  1. Hi in our counrty we are facing a big problems job creation povarty unemployement our goverment is not doing good in order to assist the SMMES to be in place they used to call us for many workshop after that they are dissapear. We don’t get feedback we end up being confuse

    • We feel your frustration, Jonas. Keep seeking the information that will help you to empower yourself to make good decisions. We hope to help you with articles that inspire and educate people who are making their best effort to make a difference in the world.

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