Mastering Resilience with a Little Help From Your Friends


Maintaining an entrepreneur’s positive outlook in a pervading climate of doom and gloom requires a robust constitution and a comprehensive success strategy.

This month’s edition reminds us that cultivating a success mindset is a multi-pronged process that starts with ourselves; managing our own inner thoughts and our interface with the world. Increasingly, I see evidence from the many entrepreneurs around me that success is an internal thing, controlled and directed from our own locus of control. Entrepreneurs who maintain their self-belief and self-confidence can ride almost any onslaught.

The four corners of an entrepreneur’s survival strategy are to maintain a healthy relationship with one’s inner self, to master the art of working with others, to manage one’s finances and to know when and where to get help.

With this in mind, the October edition of The Catalyst provides some great advice for those feeling the pressure of discontent, an opportunity to check your leadership skills and some great financial management tips. Anton Ressel’s article on mentorship will bring a belly chuckle to seasoned entrepreneurs who have felt the sticky fingers of ‘mentors so bad they didn’t even know it’ and reminds us of the importance of getting help from the right people.

Lastly, there is a call for investors and fund managers to attend the Cape Town based UCT Bertha Centre Impact Investing course. Having attended the last one, I can really vouch for its excellence.

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Signature CW copyCatherine Wijnberg
CEO and Founder of Fetola