#EntrepreneurCorner: It’s Time for Women to Step Out of the Support Zone – VIDEO

Empower Women

In this episode of #EntrepreneurCorner, Catherine Wijnberg, Founder, and Director of Fetola discusses how South Africa can create a new generation of successful female entrepreneurs in a male-dominated world. Watch the full video below.

Catherine says that girl children should not shy away from taking on leadership roles in the home as this is where they start to build their authenticity. Women have been told for years how they should behave and it’s time for them to break free from the stereotypes.

“Once they have stepped forward into the entrepreneurial space, it’s very important for women to cultivate their own style. They need to start to believe that the way that they are –  whether it’s considered to be bossy, or whether it’s considered to be a little too emotional – that is their style.”

Watch the full video here: