Get Up… Don’t Give Up!


stress free 1A business owner attending our workshop recently admitted that being self-employed is sometimes so tough that it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning.

This powerful admission was an eye-opener for the young staff member who until that moment hadn’t really understood just how challenging it is to be an entrepreneur. It also reminded me of my own struggles over the years and how I overcame the low moments.

Here’s what I discovered:
· Low moments are a normal part of life. If you just ride through them the good times are always on the other side.
· As the business leader you must ‘put on your smile’ and keep going because you are the face of the business. Customers, staff and suppliers take their cue from you.
· It’s helpful to re-examine your purpose for being self-employed. In particular, the vision for the business and how it aligns to your personal dreams.
Perhaps something has slipped slightly and needs to be pulled back to match your real passion?
· Businesses close when the leaders give up. A true entrepreneur understands that failure is just a step towards success.

So what can one do when things are tough, or you feel stuck? Call a meeting to gather insight, information and inspiration from others. Get up, don’t give up. Find a new way to succeed!

Catherine WijnbeCatherine Wjinbergrg is CEO and Founder of Fetola, Enterprise Development professionals and SME growth specialists. She has owned and operated small businesses in three countries across five different sectors, and has successfully conceptualised, designed and implemented several award-winning community and business development programmes, including the Legends Incubator.

Her most recent initiative, the #JustAddGreen programme aims at facilitating partnerships between sustainable business and Government, corporate and international donor organisations.