Giving the Youth of South Africa a Fighting Chance

    Hatch Africa Youth Award

    Corporate South Africa is flexing their supplier development muscle to address the country’s youth unemployment problem.

    At the recent ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards we saw how leading organisations with successful supplier development programmes are making a lasting impact.

    Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola and initiator of the Awards, says: “The 2018 finalists illustrate the huge impact that corporate South Africa has on the national growth and transformation agenda, and showcase how effective supplier development programmes can and do lead to sustainable growth, genuine empowerment, and positive benefits for all stakeholders.”

    For this youth-themed issue of Catalyst we’re focusing specifically on the recipient of the Youth Award: Hatch Africa. The award recognises this engineering company whose supplier development initiative focus on the youth.

    Hatch Africa’s core business focus on consulting engineering and project management. Hatch has just started their journey but is committed to meeting the SA government’s objectives for transformation as set out in the National Development Plan.

    They have developed an enterprise development and supplier development strategy which is supported by an implementation plan and process inextricably linked with their SMME transformation programme. Their strategy goes way beyond complying with the minimum requirements of the B-BBEE scorecard. They have designed their process to use a combination of an incubation platform; bespoke mentorship to develop partner’s business acumen and ability to deliver at a high standard; and championing suppliers in the programme with other customers to get more work, practical and financial support.

    Why they won the Youth Award

    Hatch are passionate about investing in people and the judges felt that the company displayed overall merit in their approach in transforming the youth target market, developing a new cadre of young, highly skilled professionals to serve their client base.

    Their programme was initiated in response to tender requirements from their clients, specifying a heavy weighting towards ESD in their tender evaluation. Hatch started reaping benefits beyond compliance and took the decision to include an element of supplier development in all their projects to release those benefits.

    Now, only three years after starting the programme, these small suppliers are responding to tenders themselves and approaching Hatch to partner with them on large pieces of work! In a very short space of time, Hatch has built their own reputation as a small supplier development partner for technical skills, and in the process, are building a network of technical suppliers that work together on large projects. Their enthusiasm on the development aspect and the business benefits led the judges to believe that this new ESD programme is likely to be a very sustainable one.

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