GROUNDSWELL Africa – Supporting Enviropreneurs



Now is the time to support sustainable solutions to tomorrow’s challenges

Are you an active, involved global citizen with a business or idea that has the potential to create a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable way of living?

GROUNDSWELL is a new initiative that seeks to solve environmental and social challenges by supporting viable business and social enterprise solutions to issues such as water scarcity, resource efficiency and waste management. An initiative of small business specialists Fetola, phase one of the programme to ‘make green mainstream’ is being launched with seed funding from J.P.Morgan.

“We have known for years that better water and scarce resource practice is needed, and as climate change makes its presence known it brings with it an unstoppable market force to make this happen. Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have, but a global imperative. GROUNDSWELL is about creating and supporting holistic African solutions to challenges such as water scarcity, food shortage, recycling, waste management, and various other activities in the circular economy. Designed to inspire citizens and corporations to take an active role, this is a collaboration of those driven to act, not just react,” explains Catherine Wijnberg, Fetola CEO.

In response to the current situation in the Western Cape and beyond, the focus of Phase One of this ambitious programme is to accelerate the success and sustainability of small businesses who offer products and services that mitigate water challenges, and to connect these businesses to larger corporate and Public sector supply chains – thus creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.

In practical terms, Phase One assists entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) in need of advice through their helpdesk ( /0861111690) and will also engage 30 “waterpreneurs” for an intensive 18 month business growth program. In this period, participants will benefit from business advice, mentorship, business skills training, supply chain inclusion, investment readiness preparation and access to markets. Entrepreneurs with small businesses operating in the water, resources efficiency or waste management arenas are encouraged to apply.

“Our intention is to ensure that every single participant will benefit from the programme, whether their need relates to simple business plan queries, or scaling up to partner with top level commercial investors. Participants in Fetola programmes typically grow their turnover by 50% per year, and have a long-term survival rate of almost 90%,” adds Amanda Dinan, the Programme Manager.

One of several programmes Fetola have implemented in the green sector, GROUNDSWELL encourages collaboration between entrepreneurs and citizens, technical advisors and Government stakeholders, and corporates needing proven suppliers of sustainable solutions. Community-based initiatives are also invited to join GROUNDSWELL’s mission to support businesses and organizations that have the potential to make the earth a better place.

“Our goal is to be part of a force for good. The programme on offer is practical and proven, building entrepreneurial confidence and helping both big corporates and small business owners do better business together, whilst enhancing our collective global sustainability,” concludes Wijnberg.

If this sounds exciting, email to learn more. The application is open until 9 March 2018.