Grow Your Youth-Owned Business with the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme

Bukelwa Ngoqo

Reach new levels of business growth and follow in the footsteps of 150 entrepreneurs from all over South Africa.  With an average business growth rate per business of 47.2% the Tholoana programme is currently delivering more than ten times the national average  an exceptional result in a tough economy.

Over the course of four years, 75 youth-owned businesses took part the programme’s various intakes. Together, these 75 businesses increased turnover by R1.7 million (37%) and created 68 jobs (15%). On average, each youth-owned business earns R23,000 per month more since starting their respective intakes.

What the participants have to say:

 Who would have thought that being part of the Tholoana programme would be exactly what it turned out to be… A turning point that gave me an advantage and set me apart for guaranteed victory.”

– Bukelwa Ngoqo, past participant

“We’re growing strong, thanks to your input and advice. We doubled our turnover from R800k in the previous financial year to R2.1m 2017/2018. For 2018/2019 our goal is to triple our turnover. We couldn’t have achieved these results if weren’t for all the non-financial support we received from you… Constantly rooting for our success, exposing us to knowledge and resources to grow. Thank you very much, you ROCK!!”

– Teboho Nkwanyana, past participant

This two-year business growth programme offers participants:

  • 360º advanced support for your individual business, including
  • access to skilled, empathetic mentors
  • applied business workshops
  • market access support
  • investment readiness preparation
  • financial support
  • a network of peers
  • a host of other interventions to support your sustainable growth

Youth Entrepreneurs Making a Difference:

 1. Bumbanani Mantimande Farm

Simangaliso Ngwenya is the owner of Bumbanani Mantimande Farm. He started on the SAB Founadtion Tholoana Programme when he was 28 and since then he has achieved great things. Simangaliso increased his income by 376% in just eight months and he provides employment. He started with three employees and now employs 20 people, of which more than 50% are youth employees.

2. Twin Twice Tissues

Thabiso Mncwabe is one of those people with a gravitational pull like no other – you are automatically drawn to him. He started on the programme when he was 25 years old and nothing has kept him back.  Thabsio increased his income by 80% over six months and went from employing just five people to 12, of which 11are youth employees.

3. Fool Force Wear

Fool Force Wear is owned by Thabiso Makhubo who is a disabled participant on the programme. He joined when he was 26 years old and has since employed 13 more people, of which eight are youth. He also increased his income by an astounding 308% during the two year programme.

This programme will super-charge your business. Are you ready? The annual application opens on 15 August. To be notified in advance, register your interest here and we’ll send you a reminder.

For more information visit the SAB Foundation website.