How Green Are You Really?

Amanda Dinan


Like it or not, the workplace affects our environment, and unfortunately the net effect is generally negative on our world, and that of our children. But it is possible to make (often quick and easy) choices that reduce unnecessary consumption of resources such as water and energy, and limit the production of harmful waste. Environmental stewardship such as this often makes good business sense too as saving water and energy means saving money, and in the long term will put the business ahead in the eyes of an uncreasingly discerning client base.

A good place to start is with a basic environmental audit which helps us figure out where we are at right now. This baseline indentifies areas for improvement and provides a “to do” list  for the business.

Download a free basic example of an Environmental Audit Checklist for use in the workplace, with score interpretations included.

Sourced by Amanda Dinan