How to dream, think right and take action. Make a trend


The magic of being an entrepreneur sits in the power to use our dreams to create a new reality, a new business or even a new way of thinking. 

In the startup phase we feel infused with excitement about this creative possibility and the idea of making something from nothing. As the vision strengthens we see it growing into a tree of great wonder. It’s so real that as we gaze lovingly at the seed, we see the tree already fruitful. 

And we leap into the void and launch it... We immerse ourselves in the action, juggling balls in the air and living the excitement. We are entrepreneurs! Our hearts are full of the anticipation of success and our days are busy with fixing, finding and formulating solutions. We are it! 

So, what happened, you ask? As you look anxiously at the bank balance and the salaries that need to be paid. As you fume with irritation at staff that haven’t done their job, or seethe with anger as a client delays payment, yet again. Your blood pressure rises and your heart falls until you wonder why. Why did I start this thing? Why now, when everything feels so tough? 


These are the moments in the rising and falling of the tides of good fortune; the breathing in and breathing out of our energies when we need to call on some tools and techniques. It’s when it feels impossible and the trend is dark and downward that we need to remember the entrepreneur’s magic, call a friend or both. 

We need to remember how to dream, to think right and to take action. 

Pause to polish the dream. Push aside the excuses of ‘no time’ or ‘cant be bothered’ and force yourself to revisit and refine your vision for success. The clearer you are on your vision, the more quickly your ‘tree’ will recover and bear fruit.  Focus your thoughts on what you want. You may have to adjust and tweak the vision to get it to resonate again, and that’s ok. 

Reflect on ways to be generous. Create a virtuous cycle of giving – For example providing services that go beyond your client’s expectations or focusing on ways that your people can benefit as you grow. The most successful people are often the most generous. 

Lastly, be grateful for the little things, and the challenges. Look for blessings everywhere and then take action. With your clearer vision launch a focused action plan to re-engage with your magic! 

Kevan Wright’s article on how to survive tough economic cycles is a great example of this practice of pause, reflect, action. Or you can read how two women are turning youth unemployment around and how a cash-strapped, young man turned his dream into a reality. If the thought of being in business makes you fearful, learn why you should not be afraid of fear