How to go from start-up to successful


If you want to know how to build your start-up into a successful business, ask David Dube of A Plus Group Electrical Services. In fact, his company is so successful that it is looking to franchise its operation.

David Dube started A Plus Group in 2014 to provide solutions for electrical problems. A Plus group specialises in electrical enclosures and electrical projects for construction, mining, power stations, substations, and instrumentation. The A Plus team consists of multi-disciplinary professionals who ensure that every project is handled with expertise. A Plus Group’s services include construction, maintenance, testing and commissioning.

A Plus Group has a reputation of delivering an unparalleled ‘A Plus’ service to their customers by tackling any electrical emergency – domestic or industrial. What sets David apart is that he constantly does market research to assess the market and keep up-to-date with trends.

Every great business idea needs money to bankroll it and securing start-up capital is something many entrepreneurs struggle with. “I poured my savings into the business and this made me work harder because there was so much at stake,” says David.

The fact that he can now offer employment to 15 people who in turn can feed their families gives him immense satisfaction.

David offered some valuable advice for start-ups:

1. Do your homework

Find out what works in your industry and keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

2. Be financially literate

Learn as much as you can about finance and implement the best financial systems for your company.

3. Be unique

Offer your customers unique, tailor-made solutions.

4. The right people

Finally, find the right people who share your vision and passion, otherwise you will waste time doing their work.

It should come as no surprise that David has an impressive list of achievements under his belt: he won the Startup Nations Africa Best Entrepreneur Award, the GEN Africa Entrepreneurial Award as well as Awethu’s Best Job Creator Award. He was also the SAB Kickstart national winner and the GEP pitching booster winner.

David’s business mentor, Gerhard van Deventer, is full of praise for him: “David has steadily grown the company and is constantly improving systems and procedures. His monthly turnover has increased by more than 100% and is still growing.”

However, David is resolute that he would not have been able to build a legacy for his family without the support of his wife. “Behind this successful entrepreneur is a supportive wife,” says David.

About the business: 

 A Plus Group specialises in electrical enclosures and electrical projects for various industries. Call them in Johannesburg on 011 568 9740, in Pretoria on 012 004 1779 and in Cape Town on 021 300 1832. For more information you can email them or visit their website.