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Today, more and more people have mobile phones, laptops and internet access. As a result, the prevalence of work-from-home and flexitime is flourishing.

This harks back to the 19th century – at the height of the Industrial Revolution – when more than half the population worked from home. Farmers, medical doctors, blacksmiths and small time retailers lived and struggled in combined business and domestic units.

For most people, finding a balance between the demands of a career and personal life is a continuing struggle, not helped by constant connection to the email, the internet, instant messaging and social media. Attaining the mysterious “work-life balance” can seem unimaginable, especially for perfectionists and those addicted to their screens. Is it possible to manage a career and a family and feel content with both?

Wayne Windell, Managing Director of Cube Workspace, says, “Achieving a work-life balance does not mean dividing your hours equally between work and personal activities. Managing your life should be approached more organically. Furthermore, your individual work-life balance will differ from someone else’s and will change over time. It’s a fluid concept.”

There are, however, two key elements to consider at all times as they compose the crux around which a successful work-life balance revolves: daily achievement and enjoyment. Enjoyment doesn’t mean fun and laughter. In this context it refers to love, celebration, tranquillity and all the joys of living. Realising that you can’t truly experience the one without the other will guide you to the conclusion of your individual balance.

If you find that you spend most of your time working, and tend to feel overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities, it is recommended that you reserve time for your family, friends and yourself when you plan your day or week. Dedicating daily time to fun and relaxation will lower the production of additional stress hormones, which give rise to poor mental and physical wellbeing.

“Losing control of work related stress is likely to prove damaging to your mental health,” says Wayne. He advocates making the necessary lifestyle and environmental changes to ensure a healthier work-life balance.

Specialist consultants in the field of occupational wellness are constantly exploring ways in which to improve the wellness of their clients. Flexible, customised work environments enable people to reimagine their working environment.

“Do you need a way out of a frustrating, limiting situation?” asks Wayne. “Perhaps it’s time to consider engaging this as an option to reduce the stress of your company’s employees as well as your own.”

Wayne WindellWayne Windell is the Managing Director of Cube Workspace. He is a chartered accountant with a passion for the fast growing and increasingly popular serviced office and co-working industry and plans to ensure Cube continues to support all their clients on their journey to success.

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Article courtesy of Business Essentials. Text by Fabienne Troost.