Job Search? Social Media Dos and Don’ts


In  today’s competitive job market, social media can make or break you in your job search. It takes more than experience and a qualification to get hired. A well prepared interview might boost your chances of landing your dream job, but your social life and online presence count.

Savvy employers research candidates on Social Media before hiring them. They want to know anything and everything about you – who your friends are, how you spend your weekends, your political views and interests…

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a pretty solid picture of who you are outside the confines of a resume, cover letter, or interview. According to the 2014 Jobvine Social Recruiting Survey, 93% of recruiters are utilising social media to vet and find future employees.

Another survey discovered 43% of employers had found information that resulted in them passing a candidate by. Inappropriate photos or information, or bad-mouthing a former boss or company will get you into that category fast!

In truth, in today’s market image is everything, and employers are aware of the power of social media and its repercussions if not managed properly. One can jeopardise an entire company’s reputation with an inappropriate post, tweet or picture. Nobody wants a hire who might compromise or tarnish their image or brand because of their social life or political leanings.

It is vital for a job seeker to be mindful of their social life and online presence at all times. Consider whether what appears on your various social media accounts is employer-friendly and works to your advantage.

How to use your social presence online to boost your chances with potential employers:

Use proper spelling and grammar
Good grammar and correct spelling improves your chances of becoming hired. It enhances your credibility too. Are your social media posts and accounts polished and well written?

Mind your mouth
Recruiters learn lots about you through your posts. They are particularly interested in your opinions about what happened during your day. This informs them about how you deal with stress or issues with your boss, as well as relationships with coworkers and how easily you make friends.

Check your status
A social media account filled with hate speech, racism, aggressive political commentary, entitlement, misogyny or any kind of shaming turns recruiters off immediately.

Party pics 
Your pictures posted while boozing may seem innocent and fun at the time, but a potential new boss will see big red flags. Any party animal pictures should stay off all of your social media accounts that are open to the public. Check your settings. Better still, don’t even post them.

Personal branding 
A well developed online presence through blogging, social media and networking increases your employability. You can demonstrate that you have the desired skills, knowledge and passion even if you lack hands-on experience.

Build a strong professional profile online
Almost all employers will do a Google or LinkedIn search on potential candidates. Ensure that employers find up to date information about your professional accomplishments and background. The more information you have on your page, the better chance you have for job opportunities. A complete profile helps career opportunities come your way.

Expand your network 
Build relationships with organisations and individuals of interest to you using their social media networks.

In this competitive job market recruiters seek information to assist their decision making. Your responsibility is to ensure that your professional persona is visible online, and the information that could blow your chances of getting hired is made private or better yet, removed.

Remember that on the internet, as is the case in every other human interaction, this saying holds true: Manners maketh the man (or woman)! This is something your future employer will not forget.


abram (1)<span class="dropcap">7</span>Abram Molelemane is a proud youth entrepreneur following his passion for media, video and speaking sense with clarity and vibrancy in the world. He is the founder and managing director of Godfella Productions Studios. Find Godfella Productions Studios on Facebook, follow him on twitter @Amolelemane or @GodfellaGps1, or connect with him on LinkedIN, Abram Godfella Molelemane.