Saving the Planet, One Carbon Particle at a Time

Liesl Jobson


Mpande Masondo started his endeavour into “greentrepreneurship” when he saw his neighbours overwhelmed by rubbish. Because so few economically vulnerable households receive adequate municipal waste removal, the demand existed for waste management services where he lived in Emalahleni. This presented an opportunity for him to manage and recycle waste for resale, reducing the problem and substantially improving the environmental health of the area.

Over time he developed Sibani Engineering, a business which has just been awarded a waste management contract at four Anglo coal mines in Mpumalanga and KZN.

The company has also spread to neighbouring Swaziland, where they are one of the only viable waste collectors in operation. Mpande’s entrepreneurial spirit has also seen the birth of a process that includes the chemical recycling of Thermoplastic Polyurethane to reduce it back to its raw form for re-use.

“Our vision is to save the planet, one carbon particle at a time,” he says. “If I can show others that waste management is crucial to the survival of our planet and inspire them to take responsibility for their waste, that will be fantastic. If I can further turn this into viable business that is lucrative and sustainable, I will achieve more than I ever dreamed was possible.”

For more information about Sibani Engineering, please contact Mpande Masondo at  087 351 2537 or 082 739 9811, or email him on