Seth Godin – Despite, in spite of, because… three ways to manage creativity

Seth Godin Go Make Something Happen

The people you hire will do creative work despite your management style, sometimes.
Or they might do it in spite of your approach, rarely.
But the most likely way to get the work you seek is to earn it, to have people bring their best ideas forward because of the leadership and guts you bring to the table.
You can’t demand creativity, not for long. You can earn it though.


  1. Less is more.At least in the case of you and Seth.Okay, he’s got you beat as far as legnth’ goes; his posts are pretty short But you both deliver thought-provoking blog posts that possess actionable activities or thought-processes that can make a difference in your business. Where I think you’re head and shoulders above him is in the actionable activities department for businesses.I read and learn many things from both of you I appreciate your work.

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