Surround Yourself With Inspiring People


Did you know that my definition of an entrepreneur is someone who can’t stand working for a boss!? Early on in life I knew that I wanted to set my own vision and run my own business. But there was only one of me. Alone I could reach only a finite amount of people. Alone I had limited impact, and to overcome that frustration, I needed to employ people.

As an entrepreneur you choose who you work with. And you choose what you work with. You select the product or service you make and take to the market. You find clients that want your offering. You also choose where you do your business. You get to make decisions how to respond to new opportunities that arise along the way.

What a great blessing is all that choice?

If you are your own boss, or want to be your own boss, do yourself a favour. Surround yourself with people that inspire you – especially if they are young and smart. Let their creativity rub off on you. Be motivated by their energy. In their company you will find yourself better able to remain true to your passion. This in turn will translate into support from people who share your vision.


JRH_6432Catherine Wijnberg’s passion for people and for helping people to grow successful businesses is the driving energy behind Fetola. She started Fetola in 2006 and has spent the last ten years dedicated to the economic empowerment of people and communities across South Africa.

Her vision is to provide emerging entrepreneurs with the confidence to succeed in business by imparting a deep conviction about the feasibility of their purpose and providing the practical support they need to succeed into the long-term.

Fetola’s focus on the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability, social impact and profitability makes for valuable partnerships with Government, corporate and international donor organisations who are intent on making a genuine difference in their own businesses and the economy.