The Only Constant is Change

Catherine Wijnberg


Wisdom has it that the only constant in the universe is change. Revolutions of government, technology and social convention occur around us, regardless of whether we consent to new occurences or not. Women take over the spaces traditionally occupied by men. Men stay home and cook for the children. As our resources dwindle and population expands, green issues are no longer merely the preserve of outliers and cranks. They’re here to stay, and responsible business invites a green consciousness that aims to tread lightly on the earth.

Back in 1999, Research in Motion released its first two-way pager the BlackBerry 850 in 1999, which supported email and web browsing. Not even 20 years later, smart phone apps organise our days, hijack our nights and deprive us of sleep! Additionally, social media hashtags are shaping our opinions.

A number of articles in this issue explore this concept from various angles. As you start out in your first job, should you accept an internship position with little or no pay? Can you afford not to do so? At the other end of the career cycle, should retirement mean the end of your productive working life. Will you be sitting back with your feet up, enjoying the fruits of your labours? Or might retirement mean a brand new chapter in the book of your life?

If you’re typically Mr Nice Guy, always aiming to keep the peace, can you learn to say no to “people pleasing”? What does it take to shift behaviour in a meaningful and constructive way, without sacrificing your personal ideals?

The world is moving at a head-spinning pace. Do you welcome the uncertainty of the unknown, which could be a monumental waster of time, or might just lead to wondrous new developments for your company? How you assess and adapt to innovation, and whether you embrace or reject the changes, can be the difference between fulfillment and failure.

Choose wisely and be brave!

Signature CW copyCatherine Wijnberg
CEO and Founder of Fetola