The Ultimate South African Business Companion


This month’s book focus celebrates a treasure of helpful business information, which is the best-selling guide by Lesley-Caren Johnson, The Ultimate South African Business Companion.  This easy to understand text will be helpful to business owners every day of the year.

The useful, relevant and comprehensive tools and templates contained in the book will improve your entrepreneurial efficiency. Its clearly written and neatly structured chapters are a pleasure to read. Now in its fourth edition, The Ultimate SA Business Companion will prevent the hair-pulling frustration as you follow the checklists for the various essential registrations that will ensure that all your bases are covered. It’s an essential addition to the bookshelf whether you are a long-standing business owner or a budding entrepreneur.

The CD contains all the business forms contained in the book, with explanations on how the forms fit into business processes and as well as guidelines on the most effective ways to utilise the documents.

Updates to the fourth edition include a new section on buying, selling and valuing businesses; how to run effective workshops; revised complaints procedures; website privacy; Turnover Tax updates; and permissions-based marketing essentials. Finally, a revised section on the Consumer Protection Act includes guidelines for drafting a Customer Service Policy.


Lesley-Caren JohnsonLesley-Caren Johnson helps companies streamline their management procedures and business administration by compiling guidelines and simplifying systems. She also trains business owners in management and finance. Her experience spans a wide variety of industries, including the hospitality, retail, beauty, signage, motor, farming, educational, consulting and food industries. Visit her website, WordSparks  and follow her on Facebook.