There is an App for That

By Catherine Wijnberg


The generation gap has been replaced by the technology gap – and it’s rapidly widening!

As someone on the softer side of 50, I am very aware that anyone (and any business) that fails to keep up with technology actively falls behind in their participation in the world.

For this reason, I set myself a challenge to embrace the future through technology by finding and using apps, software and solutions that can improve my efficiency and enhance my life; starting with an app to help me achieve my personal goals!

My favourite solution so far has been the Strides app. The free version works well on my iPhone and is ideal for encouraging and tracking new habits. Using the free version to test if it’s really going to ‘stick’ as a solution, I set seven new goals, from exercise, to saying “yes” more, and prioritising elements of my life.

When using this app, you can set any goal you like, adjust the number of times you want to achieve the goal, and then assign it a priority. For example, I have set my goal to exercise for a month as a daily achievement. In the morning, the app reminds me to exercise and in the evening it tracks whether I accomplished my goal. I can see at a glance which of the goals are on track and where I am lagging behind.

I asked my team what apps they enjoy using to organise and prioritise their lives. The responses were amazing! There are some truly spectacular apps out there that can revolutionise how we work, play, eat and shop.

As a team we are experimenting with implementing daPulse, a versatile project management and collaboration tool that helps a team to manage multiple areas of activity by building structures and collaborating across sections of the team in order to boost our productivity.

What excites me even more is how we can use these developments in Fetola as a company. As an industry, smart technology is at the forefront of innovation, reminding us all that even our most basic routine and way of doing things can be made more efficient and fun.

Apps used by the Fetola team:

  • Samsung Health App (to track your fitness, daily steps, heartbeat etc.)
  • Pick n Pay App (creates a shopping list based on your purchase history and loads discount vouchers every week.)
  • Admyt (a parking app solely for Blue Route Mall in Cape Town.)
  • Memrise (a language learning app.)
  • LastPass (online security cloud to save your passwords and important notes/documentation.)


JRH_6432Catherine Wijnberg’s passion for people and for helping people to grow successful businesses is the driving energy behind Fetola. She started Fetola in 2006 and has spent the last ten years dedicated to the economic empowerment of people and communities across South Africa.

Her vision is to provide emerging entrepreneurs with the confidence to succeed in business by imparting a deep conviction about the feasibility of their purpose and providing the practical support they need to succeed into the long-term.

Fetola’s focus on the triple bottom line of environmental sustainability, social impact and profitability makes for valuable partnerships with Government, corporate and international donor organisations who are intent on making a genuine difference in their own businesses and the economy.