Understanding #FeesMustFall


South Africa’s political landscape was never for the faint of heart, was never simple to understand, and arguably, has never been more complex than it is right now.

Malcolm Ray’s book, Free Fall – Why South African Universities are in a Race Against Time is a must-read for students, parents, government, business people and educationists. It brings to life the people and ideas that, over a century-and-a-half, have created a perfect storm for the present crisis in higher education.

Beyond apartheid, the book details how policy blunders by the democratic government since 1994 have conspired with the past to fuel South Africa’s slide into increasing economic and social disarray. It is the story of the failure of the democratic government to deal with major fault lines fissuring higher education, and the circumstances that led to the #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall movements in 2015.

The book ends on a high note, answering the question: ‘What now?’ This book aims to be the beginning of the solution. 

To read a chapter of this book, click this link to ‘The Storm Breaks’


Author Malcolm Ray is a former anti-apartheid activist, award-winning journalist, editor and academic with a special interest in political economy.

He has contributed to several books and written journal and magazine articles covering politics, economics and business.

Published by BookstormFree Fall – Why South African Universities are in a Race Against Time is due out on 1 November 2016.