Video: Branding Yourself as a Business Owner #EntrepreneurCorner

Personal Branding

In this episode of #EntrepreneurCorner, Fetola’s Anton Ressel discusses the importance of personal branding and the impact it has on a small business – whether it be positive or negative.

“When we talk personal branding, we mean how you present yourself, how you carry yourself and how people perceive you,” Ressel says.

According to Anton, there’s a direct link between one’s personal branding and the success of the business. Branding on a personal level includes your confidence during pitches, for example; whether your voice is audible enough and if you can maintain eye contact with your audience, as your potential investor could be among them.

“Are you confident enough to walk into a room and pitch your idea, or are you a wallflower who mumbles? Communication is so crucial and we often downplay it as entrepreneurs,” Ressel says.

Anton cautions that entrepreneurs and small business owners should be careful not to change who they are at the core, otherwise it would be false. You should be conscious of the fact that the personalities you project are going to determine your success in business.