Voices of Entrepreneurship in Johannesburg

Tamiko Sher


The 2016 Entrepreneurship Research Study: Voices of Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg was conducted by Tamiko Sher of Z.A. ZEN Consulting. This self-funded study of Johannesburg entrepreneurs undertaken in 2016 sought to better comprehend the experience of small business owners in South Africa’s major industrial city.

The report offers potential solutions to existing problems in order to assist those involved in the entrepreneurship space. Download the first 20 pages of this report for an interesting read.

downloadTamiko Sher is a writer, photographer, businesswoman, and pilot. Many of her photographs and articles feature in publications for her clients, where she expands on more than 25 years’ experience in working with corporates large and small, various non-governmental and government organisations.

She holds pilot’s licenses in South Africa and US since 1995, flying throughout Southern Africa, seeking out remote locations where ‘no one I know has been before’. Follow @tamiko_sher on Twitter and connect with her on Linkedin.