What do you know about food insecurity?

Catalyst 52

Leonie Joubert is a South African science writer who uses various ways of storytelling to tackle tough issues that many South Africans face. However, it was Leonie’s TEDx Talk, Looking for the Optimal Diet for Us and the Environment (scroll down for the video), that caught our attention with its hard-hitting facts.

Leonie was shocked when she discovered that thousands of South Africans’ breakfasts consisted of shredded white bread soaked in sugar water. Meanwhile, many retailers throw away perfectly good food that ends up in landfills where hungry families wade through dead animal carcasses, dirty nappies, and filth to find food. Is this our idea of food security?

She asks the hard questions: “How do we feed nine billion people by the middle of this century? How do we accomplish the mammoth task with limited soil, limited water, and limited atmospheric space to absorb the emissions associated with farming?”

Watch the full video here: