What I Learned From My Six Months in Cape Town as a Foreign Intern

    Cape Town

    Katharina Zipelius, or Kat as she was affectionately known in the Fetola office, spent six months with us a Business Intern from the Netherlands. Being a foreigner in a new country allows you to explore all the attractions as well as the spots the locals go to and Kat immersed herself in South African culture every day. This is what she had to say about her time in the Mother City.

    South Africa has taught me so much. Yes, there are many fun activities both indoors and outdoors, which you can put on your bucket list for your South African experience, but I think it’s best to lean back and listen. This could be more of a general thing, but I learned a great deal from just listening. The most remarkable experience I have had during my six months in the beautiful Mother City was after work at the train station. The lady sitting next to me asked about the book I was reading and we ended up talking about her life story. Despite many struggles, people carry such an inspiring positivity with them.

    However, if you do have time to tick experiences off your checklist, Cape Town has something for everyone. I personally enjoyed going for walks in Newlands Forest and about half way up you can stop and sit on a big rock with friends and a nice bottle of South African red wine while looking at Table Mountain. If you are looking for a hangout area with a nice vibe, check out Observatory. You will find your favorite café there guaranteed. And great second-hand shops! A sunset concert in the beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or a full moon hike up Lion’s Head is also worth your time.

    I personally think balance is the key. Learn about people’s reality, but remember that being upset does not help. South Africa is a country with many layers where history, cultures, and languages play a role in almost every action. Coming from Europe, my understanding of global structures got put into perspective.


    Kat Zipelius
    Kat Zipelius is an energetic young woman who wants to explore the world, get out of her comfort zone, and grow personally. Her educational Background in BSc Business, Language and Culture provided her with the theoretical knowledge she now wishes to put into practice. Fetola will help her to improve her skills and is the right place to prepare her for future career steps.