When times are tough, bring out your inner entrepreneur!

inner entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are those people who see a challenge as an opportunity, and tough times as the catalyst for change. But even for the most ardent entrepreneur, when the crown slips, life feels burdensome. 

If you are facing a tough time in your business, make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and take the next few moments for yourself.

Tough times start when our attitude slips from victor to victim, and our willpower weakens; when we let the storm clouds on the horizon stop us, whereas normally we would put on our rain gear and conquer the mountain regardless of the weather. When times feel tough, we need a strategy to keep us on the upside.   

My strategy when life is going crazy around me is to pause, step back and reflect. It may feel counterintuitive when drama is dripping from the walls and our instinct is to put our heads down and work even harder. Yet, often, it’s in those moments of quiet – whether it’s simply sitting at your desk, at the local coffee shop, in prayer or meditation, that new understanding comes to us bringing clarity on the best way forward. 

With inner strength we can tackle the outer business challenges. With clarity of vision we can spot opportunity as it presents itself. With physical health we can sustain the high levels of energy needed to radiate positive leadership. If these strategies don’t help and you are still finding life too hard to bear, please seek out professional help. 

In this issue we have lots of strategies for helping you through tough times. Be inspired by the stories of South African entrepreneurs who overcame great challenges to achieve success. If you are struggling with marketing, follow these tips from a business mentor to turn leads into sales. People management is always a challenge in any business but we have tried and tested methods to help you build a united and inspired team.

On the other hand, apply to participate on our exciting business development programme to take your business to the next level. The SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to building the economy and creating jobs. Applications are open!

We hope these strategies help you get through the storm. Let us know if they helped you. Have a wonderful week!