Words of Wisdom


Did you know that a customer complaint is one of your most valuable business tools?

For every customer who takes the time to complain there are probably ten who have simply (and silently) walked away, and then gone on to tell all their friends how awful your business is.

One insightful car dealer posed as his company’s driver. Taking customers to their work place while their car was serviced, he heard their unguarded opinions about his receptionist’s greeting, his prices and the standard of his mechanic’s work.

“Few people badmouth you to your face,” he said, “though they’re quick to tell you how wonderful you are when they want sponsorship for their kids’ soccer team!”

Next time someone complains. Listen carefully. Ask for advice on how to improve things. Thank them sincerely for taking the time to bring this to your attention. Tell them that you plan to do things better in future.