Your First Year of Varsity


Your First Year of Varsity: a Survival Guide for University and College by Shelagh Foster and Lehlohonolo Mofokeng is a great guide for young people heading off to study. It is practical, helpful and savvy, ideal for for Grade 12 learners and first year students, who face tertiary education filled with hopes and aspirations, but little practical understanding of what their new life involves.

The book gives terrific, practical tertiary tips for how youngsters can thrive, rather than merely survive the new terrain. The authors include sensitive and sage advice. For example, Check Your Privilege! The authors suggest that those students who are financially secure bear in mind that the so-called ‘underprivileged’ might have an advantage over the so-called ‘privileged’!

“Overcoming seemingly impossible odds at a young age teaches on the ability to seek alternative solutions, the ability to hold on to a vision, despite relentless obstacles. So please don’t ever judge anyone becasue they dress differently, aren’t computer savvy, or don’t speak and write perfectly, but rather appreciate that these fellow students may have something to teach you!”

Your First Year of Varsity addresses all the rules, demands, behaviours, skills and cultural shifts that will turn a ‘fresher’ into viable part of higher education life. It is written in accessible English. Anyone who can read a magazine or newspaper will enjoy the empathetic, at times amusing tone!

The message on these pages is clear: Adapt, grow, and graduate! Ignorance is not bliss. Being prepared is.

This book is published by Bookstorm. Follow the authors Shelagh Foster (@ShelaghFoster1) and Lehlohonolo Mofokeng (@IsraelMofokeng) on Twitter.