A treasure chest to help you get what you want in business


Is there an entrepreneur you are in awe of? Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth, Patrice Motsepe, Bridgette Radebe or Nicky Oppenheimer? Do you find yourself secretly believing the fairy tale of their magical success? Believing that somehow they had a magician’s touch that made it all happen?

Or have you noticed that when we study their stories we see that the sparkle dust of success is really made of traits such as courage, determination, resilience, hard work, planning, selecting the right people, effective delegating, financial management and the like. Yes, luck can make all the difference, but as with any winning team luck increases the more you work at it.

These success journeys are also always flecked with challenges, some of which could be titles of a B grade movie – Nightmare on cash flow, The bank manager strikes back, Death by CCMA, and that all-time favourite – Burnout.

But jokes aside, do you wonder how to get more of what you want from business, and become one of these success stories yourself?

As this issue has great answers to these questions plus some good solid advice on mistakes to avoid, I will just leave you with four, brief pointers of my own; firstly, know what you want. Refine it and define it. Craft a vision that is so strong, and so clear that you feel it is as real as if you are living it today. The clearer your picture of what you want, the easier everything else becomes.

Next set specific goals, broken into small, focused steps every 90 days to get there. This focus is really important if you want to increase the pace at which you succeed, rather than just meandering through your entrepreneurial journey. Small, daily steps are proven to achieve more than the occasional big bang, so be sure to set up regular habits and stick to them.

Recruit the best people you can find and look after them. Despite the fourth industrial revolution, people are still the mainstay of most businesses, so learn to delegate and multiply your value as you grow. Delegation will also allow you to take deserved rest periods which will keep you fresh and your thinking agile.

And, lastly, but most importantly, be of service to your clients. The better you serve them, the more successful they, and you will be.

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Consider this issue a treasure chest for the business minded. You’re welcome!