Are you living your best green life?

Catalyst Issue 54

How green is your life? Are you a one-use plastic kinda person or are you all about shopping the green way? When you go grocery shopping or drive down the freeway, you’re constantly reminded that you should be recycling, saving water or reducing your carbon footprint. But to be honest, how many of us actually follow through?

While some of us try and make small changes, others have a much bigger vision.  Inseco (a youth-owned business on the JP Morgan GROUNDSWELL Programme) have made a point of going green and making a difference to our environment. Their aim? To reinvent the unsustainable global animal feed industry.

The livestock sector in South Africa forms the majority of the agriculture industry – that’s a lot of animals to feed! What many people may not know is that animal feed manufacturing is an emissions-intensive industry. Inseco is a waste-to-protein company that manufactures animal protein from insect larvae. The protein produced is a naturally, environmentally and economically superior substitute for fishmeal and soymeal feed products.

Founders Simon Hazell and Jack Chennell realised that if rapid cuts to our CO2 and other greenhouse gases weren’t made, climate change would have an increasingly destructive and irreversible impact on life on Earth.

It’s innovation like this that could ultimately change the course we are on and prevent further damage. Inseco is a proudly South African company that is dedicated to changing the way we do things. If you would like to read about other innovative companies in the green sector then check out the article about green innovation.