If you haven’t had a Gatsby – is alles oraait byrie hys?


South Africa is steeped in colourful culture, rich history and delicious food. With nine official languages and a plethora of beautiful heritages you can only imagine the aromas and taste journeys that come out of this country. But this article isn’t about all that amazing food, rather one style of food that is a staple in Capetonian culture – the Gatsby.

People have travelled far and wide and nowhere else in the world will you find something quite like a Gatsby. I was a late comer to this food phenomenon and being a fussy eater, I always shied away from the Gatsby. All that mixing and touching of different foods wasn’t for me. That all changed when I visited Big Bite Road House in Ceres. This small business is owned by Breyton Benjamin – a passionate entrepreneur who really has cracked this Gatsby thing. Also, the drive to Ceres is beautiful and the town itself is quaint and jam packed full of history.

When you walk into Big Bite Road House, you’re welcomed by massive smiles and incredible smells. Breyton and his mom, Suretha, operate in perfect unison – it’s incredible to watch. Suretha is a powerhouse in the kitchen and she doesn’t miss a thing. Marco Pierre White has nothing on her – this lady operates like a machine!

I was fortunate enough to get behind the scenes insight and I saw my first Gatsby being made. But if you just stand back and watch this small team operate, you’ll soon understand why this business is a success – they are passionate about absolutely everything they do. And the food? Out of this world!

I am a self-proclaimed Gimba and I wasn’t going to hold back on my first Gatsby experience, so I somme got a Full House Masala Steak Gatsby. I devoured the entire thing. Not even a chip crumb was left to tell a tale of the its former glorious self.

This business is on the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme and it has grown in leaps and bounds. Breyton started the business with just R500 from a tiny kitchen and while on the programme the business has grown by a whopping 80%. I’ll give you a moment while that sinks in.

Because it’s impossible to explain just how good a Big Bite Road House Gatsby is, we put together a little video so you can see for yourself. Please note we will not be held accountable for any Gatsby cravings, but we do have a solution – drive to Ceres during the December holidays and go have one. Because that’s what we’ll be doing!

Watch Big Bite Road House’s flavour journey here: