Cracking the Code to Lifelong Success

Does the process of setting goals leave you frustrated? Well, maybe you’re doing it wrong! In this month’s issue of The Catalyst, we take a fresh look at how your goals can unlock long-term positive change and exceptional results.

Say What?

Rule Number One – Make it Easy

Anton Ressel, head mentor and senior business consultant at Fetola, has a pretty simple approach to business success – be lekker... Here he reminds entrepreneurs of the one golden rule that is crucial to achieving real results in your business. What is it? You will have to read the article to find out…

Getting to know Naledi Moleo

Last night a DJ saved my life…In an exclusive Catalyst interview, renowned radio personality, Naledi Moleo gives us a glimpse into what goes on behind the world of airwaves and interviews, and how her own transformation led her to become the force behind SAFM’s evening programme, The Talk Shop.

Mentor Talk

Making Friends with Failure

Congratulations on being an utter failure! In this first resource in our new section of The Catalyst specially for mentors, ED and SD practitioners, we answer the question ‘why is failure in business important?’ and introduce you to an NGO who celebrates it in all its forms. Enjoy!

First Aid Kit

Ten Ways to Accelerate Business Growth

Does your business need a good kick in the butt, or perhaps a hefty dose of steroids? Before you do anything too extreme, check these ten strategies from innovation experts, SynNovation, to help you get from 0 – 100, or at least out of second gear….

Words of Wisdom

Transformation – A Dish Best Served with Forethought and Sensitivity

Throw a few different cultures into the pot, add some drops of ego, a dash of inexperience, some old-school thinking, a few teaspoons of generation gap and a healthy dose of ignorance, and what do you get? A recipe for disaster…Or not, if you handle issues around transformation in the workplace proactively, as suggested here by labour lawyer Marleen Potgieter.

Oh Yes!...It's FREE

Conducting Effective Workshops – a Free Checklist from Lesley-Caren Johnson

Workshops can either be hugely inspirational and empowering, or make you want to gouge your eyes out with a blunt spoon. Because your vision is important to us, we share a free resource on how to put on a winning workshop from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson’s book the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion.


‘Born a Crime’ – Trevor Noah’s Memoirs of Transformation

More than just a pretty face, SA’s golden boy and comedian Trevor Noah has captured the hearts of many fans with his acerbic wit…and those twinkling eyes…and did we mention his dimples? Sigh…before the ladies in the team get too carried away, we review his latest book, Born a Crime.

Money Issues

The shortest month of the year brings salaried employees a measure of relief, as their money doesn’t have to stretch as far as it did in January! Employers, however, face the annual reckoning of the tax year-end. Catherine Wijnberg of Fetola shares some tips for navigating this tricky financial period.

The Ultimate South African Business Companion

Enjoy this free sample from a fabulous book that offers business owners a rich supply of tips, tools, and templates from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson. If you are an entrepreneur, the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion should be on your bookshelf!

Oh My Hat, Do I Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Google is great for recipes, directions and movie reviews, but when it comes to financial planning you might want to call in the experts... Sasha Planting of Moneyweb invokes Little Red Riding Hood and comes up with some sound recommendations.

Cashing in Your Business – Part Two

Ready to trade being a boss for a world of margaritas and tropical vacations? In the second instalment about valuing and selling your business, Des Chambers explains how to determine the financial worth of your business, so that you can sell it one day and retire in style.

Three Simple Tips About Tax

It's February, and that means Valentine’s Day and tax! Having trouble wrapping your head around tax legislation? Consultant and business owner Sabelo Thusi has some useful tips for small business owners on how to plan properly so that you can sail the stormy seas of SARS compliance smoothly.