Attitude is Everything

Fetola CEO Catherine Wijnberg's decades of entrepreneurial experience have taught her that in times of turmoil, resilience and mindfulness are two of your biggest assets. In this month's editorial, she shares some insights on managing your inner self while navigating rough seas.

Say What?

Sportsman Extraordinaire Chris Bertish

Superhuman dynamo, Chris Bertish, made a solo, unassisted and unaided crossing of the Atlantic Ocean via stand-up paddleboard required staggering resources of physical and mental strength. He offers us mere mortals a fabulous opportunity to rethink our attitude to the hardships of life.

Five Ways to Get a Return on Gratitude

Despite global instability, South Africans have much to be grateful for. Especially biltong! Even in these trying times, being thankful for what we have achieved is a powerful tool for building a sustainable business, as this article highlights.

First Aid Kit

Big Goals, Little Details

In 2015 Isabel du Toit learnt a major life lesson about setting tangible goals. She wanted to pay off her student loan, set up a retirement annuity, start paying off a car, move to a flat in Cape Town, study further, lose 14kgs, learn German, and paint two masterpieces. Did she do it? Read on to find out.

Mentor Talk

Ten Tips for Becoming the Perfect Business Mentor

So... there's a new entrepreneur asking YOU for advice. How do you help the guy or gal? Fetola likes how Richard Branson offers timeless advice that applies to mentors everywhere.

Words of Wisdom

Entitlement vs. Fulfillment

With entitlement buzzing through our current political landscape, perhaps it is timely to have the conversation about how to find fulfillment. Stephen van Basten explores what happens when you fill your life with love and appreciation. Politicians take note!!

Oh yes...It's FREE

Voices of Entrepreneurship in Johannesburg

“Entrepreneurship is about taking something tough and turning it into gold.” In this article, Tamiko Sher explores the narratives of Johannesburgers who started businesses, struggled, succeeded and... sometimes failed. If you want to hear what they're saying to South Africa, read on.

Companies We Like

Saving the Planet, One Carbon Particle at a Time

Young "greentrepreneur", Mpande Masondo,has a singular goal to make the world a greener planet. He is currently the only waste collector in Witbank. This Tholoana participant is determined to make his hometown more beautiful, and that’s why he is one of the companies we like!


Taking Mindfulness to Work – a sample chapter

IntheFlow is an eloquent book by Debbie Goodman-Bhyat that encourages one to take notice of the small stuff – which is never that small anyway – and to live more fully. Light the incense and enjoy this excerpt on gratitude.

Money Issues

The shortest month of the year brings salaried employees a measure of relief, as their money doesn’t have to stretch as far as it did in January! Employers, however, face the annual reckoning of the tax year-end. Catherine Wijnberg of Fetola shares some tips for navigating this tricky financial period.

The Ultimate South African Business Companion

Enjoy this free sample from a fabulous book that offers business owners a rich supply of tips, tools, and templates from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson. If you are an entrepreneur, the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion should be on your bookshelf!

Oh My Hat, Do I Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Google is great for recipes, directions and movie reviews, but when it comes to financial planning you might want to call in the experts... Sasha Planting of Moneyweb invokes Little Red Riding Hood and comes up with some sound recommendations.

Cashing in Your Business – Part Two

Ready to trade being a boss for a world of margaritas and tropical vacations? In the second instalment about valuing and selling your business, Des Chambers explains how to determine the financial worth of your business, so that you can sell it one day and retire in style.

Three Simple Tips About Tax

It's February, and that means Valentine’s Day and tax! Having trouble wrapping your head around tax legislation? Consultant and business owner Sabelo Thusi has some useful tips for small business owners on how to plan properly so that you can sail the stormy seas of SARS compliance smoothly.