Opportunities Abound

Fertile field or barren ground? How you see South Africa probably defines the way your business works. Fetola CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, is excited by the possibilities presented to South African entrepreneurs, who are a resilient bunch.

Say What?

We Are Too Negative

How do we trust that the light we see is actually the end of the tunnel and not an oncoming train? Business leader, Adrian Gore, has positive and practical insights and observations to help South African business owners re-examine the pessimism that keeps them stuck and small. Watch the video and sense for yourself how a nightmare can change to a dream vision.

Try Before You Buy: How Hosting an Intern Can Benefit Your Business

Does your business need an extra set of hands in a busy period? Can a new graduate take on the donkey work to free up senior staff to work more effectively? There are many reasons to host an intern, says Mark Johnston, but when you "try before you buy" remember there is no free lunch!

Mentor Talk

Some People Have All the Luck

A marketing grad, a shy IT geek and a successful engineer walk into a bar… Sounds like a good story? It is too! Fetola mentor, Rick Ed, has seen some very lucky entrepreneurs in his time. Lucky or canny? In this narrative of three start-ups, the author explores what makes some people luckier than others.

First Aid Kit

Four-Minute Tools to De-Stress

Life in Mzansi can be stressful. Deadlines bear down. The phone won’t stop. Late to pick up your child, you get pulled over by a Metro cop with an attitude while social media erupts with the latest political horror show. Whoah! Slow down... stop… and breathe. These four-minute tools by resilience specialist, Linda Graham, will slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and hopefully reduce the urge to kill someone before it’s too late.

Career Tips

To Get a Better Job, You May Not Need to Switch Jobs at All

What do you do if you’re unhappy in your job but you’re the boss? Fire yourself? Unlike an employee, it’s difficult to pack up and go when you have salaries and overheads to pay. At Fetola we believe, like Simon Sinek, that by serving others, you can improve the situation for everybody. As your career and business turn around, you might just realise that a ‘better job’ was in your control all along.

Oh yes...It's FREE

What Are Your Core Values?

Organisational culture is an open book. Customers read you based on what your company does and how your employees behave. If you say you cherish the earth, but leave great oil slicks in the wake of your operation, all credibility is lost. This free tool from Fetola's Vision Workshop, helps business owners scratch beneath their own surface to discover beliefs and behaviours in their value system.

Companies We Like

Young Senekal Entrepreneur Stars at SAB Foundation Awards

The entrepreneurial energy in the room was phenomenal as a young entrepreneur from the Free State town of Senekal came forward to receive not one, but two awards from the SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme. As programme implementers, Fetola was thrilled to see the light shone on Richy's Computer Shop owner, Richard Montoeli. This is an entrepreneur to watch.


Resilience-in-Training: Coming Back with Hope

Infertility, cancer, an extremely premature baby in quick succession. Can it get any harder than that? It can too! Throw in retrenchment and relapse, and you have a perfect storm. A riveting excerpt from An Bakkes’ compelling memoir, Embracing Anxiety, helps readers catch life's curved balls and to choose resillience when the challenges strike.

Money Issues

The shortest month of the year brings salaried employees a measure of relief, as their money doesn’t have to stretch as far as it did in January! Employers, however, face the annual reckoning of the tax year-end. Catherine Wijnberg of Fetola shares some tips for navigating this tricky financial period.

The Ultimate South African Business Companion

Enjoy this free sample from a fabulous book that offers business owners a rich supply of tips, tools, and templates from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson. If you are an entrepreneur, the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion should be on your bookshelf!

Oh My Hat, Do I Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Google is great for recipes, directions and movie reviews, but when it comes to financial planning you might want to call in the experts... Sasha Planting of Moneyweb invokes Little Red Riding Hood and comes up with some sound recommendations.

Cashing in Your Business – Part Two

Ready to trade being a boss for a world of margaritas and tropical vacations? In the second instalment about valuing and selling your business, Des Chambers explains how to determine the financial worth of your business, so that you can sell it one day and retire in style.

Three Simple Tips About Tax

It's February, and that means Valentine’s Day and tax! Having trouble wrapping your head around tax legislation? Consultant and business owner Sabelo Thusi has some useful tips for small business owners on how to plan properly so that you can sail the stormy seas of SARS compliance smoothly.