The Only Constant is Change

Back in the year 500BC, Heraclitus observed that you can't step twice into the same river. "Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed," he said. Fetola founder and CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, invites readers to investigate their attitudes to innovation and change.

Say What?

Should You Scratch That Post-Retirement Itch?

While it can be tempting to use your retirement nest-egg to start something new, it is not always the best move you can make financially. Loren Godet has some useful advice to avoid potential pit falls and the risk of losing the fruits of your lifelong labour.

Knowledge Management as Done by Librarians

What if your most valued employee leaves tomorrow? Have you captured their knowledge? If you want to know how to store information, ask a librarian. We did, and in this article Senior Librarian, Theresa Denton gives insight into knowledge management and how we should be storing our treasures.
businessman talking on the telephone

Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

We are big believers in internship at The Catalyst. For the young, hip and hot graduate, simultaneously all clued up but feeling clueless, this terrific guide by Shelagh Foster shows how to take your first career steps with conviction and confidence, even though you may never have been inside an office. What’s in it for the boss? A reminder of what it’s like to be a 20-something, and a prompt to be firm, as well as gentle!

Mentor Talk

How to Say “No” Without the Guilt

Imagine an invitation to do something noble, but boring and time-consuming. Now imagine gently, but firmly, saying, "I wish I could help you... but I'm sorry I can't." Imagine, too, feeling no anxiety about saying, "No." Business mentor, Kevan Wright, believes that mentors needs to exercise the power of "no" in order to teach their mentees this invaluable skill.

First Aid Kit

There is an App for That

It feels like there is an app for everything these days, except perhaps how to deal with your mother-in-law or genuinely fix a hangover… In this issue we review a few goal setting apps to keep you ahead of the curve.

Oh yes...It's FREE

How Green Are You Really?

Is your business a shining example of environmental sustainability and stewardship, or a soulless consumer of the planet’s dwindling resources? Complete our FREE Environmental audit check list, compiled by Fetola’s Green Guru Amanda Dinan, to find out…

Companies We Like

Engineering a Brighter Future as an Entrepreneur

Did you know that only 4% of all engineering professionals in South Africa are female, and even fewer of these are black? Mamokiba Makua of TKY Trading explains how growing up with the boys inspired her entrepreneurial spirit in a macho industry.


Asleep on the Job?

There are just too few hours in a day right? Sleep can seem like such a waste of time when we’re caught up in our busy lives. Ariana Huffington sets the record straight: We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, and the consequences are worse than just bags under the eyes! Catalyst book reviewer Liesl Jobson explains.

Money Issues

The shortest month of the year brings salaried employees a measure of relief, as their money doesn’t have to stretch as far as it did in January! Employers, however, face the annual reckoning of the tax year-end. Catherine Wijnberg of Fetola shares some tips for navigating this tricky financial period.

The Ultimate South African Business Companion

Enjoy this free sample from a fabulous book that offers business owners a rich supply of tips, tools, and templates from business writer, Lesley-Caren Johnson. If you are an entrepreneur, the Ultimate South Africa Business Companion should be on your bookshelf!

Oh My Hat, Do I Really Need a Financial Advisor?

Google is great for recipes, directions and movie reviews, but when it comes to financial planning you might want to call in the experts... Sasha Planting of Moneyweb invokes Little Red Riding Hood and comes up with some sound recommendations.

Cashing in Your Business – Part Two

Ready to trade being a boss for a world of margaritas and tropical vacations? In the second instalment about valuing and selling your business, Des Chambers explains how to determine the financial worth of your business, so that you can sell it one day and retire in style.

Three Simple Tips About Tax

It's February, and that means Valentine’s Day and tax! Having trouble wrapping your head around tax legislation? Consultant and business owner Sabelo Thusi has some useful tips for small business owners on how to plan properly so that you can sail the stormy seas of SARS compliance smoothly.