When Women’s Month Is No Longer Necessary

Can you imagine an August when you are not assailed by special offers for manicures simply because of your gender? What will it take to unshackle women entrepreneurs and put them, rightfully, in the mainstream? Fetola's CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, is tired of patronage!

Your Future

Does Strategy Matter?

Is your communication strategy fresh and current or as tired as yesterday's headlines? Graeme Addison sheds light on modern day communication strategies and the fundamentals underlying them.

Your Money

A Sober Perspective on Developing Successful SME’s

Growing a business is a bit like herding cats. Catch one digging up the catnip, and another is opening the door to the hen house. It needn’t be so complex - Mags Ponnan offers a fresh perspective on urgent issues concerning SME success.

Your People

A Family Affair – A Flower Child Builds a Floral Business

One of the most amazing resources you might have is the staff member living under your roof! Kaamani Jangali, founder of Izimbali Florists, tells how she learned about flower power from her mother. Liesl Jobson describes how they grew a blooming business.

How Leaders Gather Teams Not Employees

We’ve got news for you. The best people don’t need to work for you, they *choose* to do so - and the kind of leader you are determines how long they will stay. Tech entrepreneur, Sheraan Amod, has leadership insights that may make you think.

Companies We Like

Small Can Be Big

Ever seen a small business acting like a big business? Thabo Ntswane of Thabo Equipment wanted to make a difference on Mandela Day so he donated a Wendy House to a creche in his community. This is why we at Fetola do what we do!


Trade Secrets – Win a Book!

Trade Secrets... who doesn't harbour these? The latest anthology of South African short stories to hit the shelves examines the business of work as well as the more enterprising aspects of the human heart. Get creative and win a book.

Delving Into the Dark Art of Charity Giving

Did a teary-eyed child just flash across your screen causing a pang of guilt as you deleted a plea for a donation on Mandela Day? Take heart! You're not alone. Fetola CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, unpacks the emotions surrounding donor fatigue and the shifts that free you to choose to give.

Are Incubator Hubs Feasible for Start-Up Entrepreneurs?

What is the collective noun for a group of entrepreneurs? An ambition or acceleration? A hustle or hive? Whatever! A great deal of good comes about when a whole bunch of them work together in the same space. South African writer, David Chislett, shares his of experience working in an entrepreneurial incubator in Amsterdam.

Entrepreneurial Juggling: Money, Sales and Media

The best person to teach entrepreneurship is the person who eats, prays and loves being an entrepreneur. Neo Malefane is one of these extraordinary people! His insights on how to juggle money, sales and marketing will help you focus on the balls you must keep airborne.

Hidden Creativity in the Eastern Cape

Who says you can't be a poet and a fashionista? Who says you can’t combine Afro-centric fashion and design with literature? Businesswoman and bookworm, Bukelwa Nqoqo, is combining the various loves of her life and is making a huge success of it at the East London Airport.

The French Connection

Thinking of applying for an internship? Why settle for cutting your teeth in Bloemfontein when you could go to Berlin or Barcelona? French student, Foucauld Wattecamps, chats about spending five months in South Africa and the valuable international experience he gained in the business development sector.