Spotlight on Business Incubators

Do business incubators really work? Or do the good ideas and pure intentions amount to a waste of time and money? Fetola CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, believes that successful business incubators are like anything else - they require mutual commitment from all stakeholders to deliver on their full potential. Read more here.

Your Future

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How Can Procurement Prepare SMEs to Engage with Corporates?

We have all seen or heard of ‘Supplier Development’ programmes that toss crumbs at participants – and then drop them like a hot coal once the Scorecard points are secure and the programme ends. Supplier Development specialist, Elmarie Goosen, gives some insight into how SMEs can make themselves a more permanent fixture in the corporate supply chain.
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ContractorCheck Launched in South Africa

The only thing more painful than legal issues in your business, is having to pay the legal fees they result in! Norton Rose’s ContractorCheck provides businesses with a quick and easy way to access insight into the law, and early risk detection. Whether it concerns employees or contractors, this smart identification tool is accessible to local businesses at no cost, so check it out.

Your Money

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Bitcoin Mania

Does the idea of virtual money leave you feeling excited or unconvinced? The Citadel Group investigates Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto currency and assesses its potential to create long-term wealth. Welcome to the future…but keep your hard cash safe too, just in case.

Your People

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Do You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Ever felt like you ‘swindled’ your employer into believing you know more than you really do, and are likely to be horribly exposed and escorted off the premises at any moment? Then you have suffered from Imposter Syndrome. Step into our office and let’s unpack this a bit.

Companies We Like

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Omphile Matane – from Dubai to Mahikeng

While working in a five-star hotel in Dubai and dreaming of her home in Mahikeng, entrepreneur Omphile Matane had a vision – instead of working for someone else, she would open her own hotel. A few years later, Monakaladi Gardens was born. The journey has been full of stops and starts but she would not have it any other way.


The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox

David Chislett has poured his 23 years of experience as an entrepreneur into a ‘Tool Box’, and shares his insights into being self employed: What can you expect? What should you prepare for? How do you deal with being a self-starter every single day? All this and more in his excellent new book. Enjoy an excerpt here.

Mentor Talk

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Rule Number One – Make it Easy

Head mentor and senior business consultant at Fetola, Anton Ressel, has a simple approach to business success. Here he reminds entrepreneurs of the one golden rule that is crucial to achieving real results. What is it? Read on and find out.

Delving Into the Dark Art of Charity Giving

Did a teary-eyed child just flash across your screen causing a pang of guilt as you deleted a plea for a donation on Mandela Day? Take heart! You're not alone. Fetola CEO, Catherine Wijnberg, unpacks the emotions surrounding donor fatigue and the shifts that free you to choose to give.

Are Incubator Hubs Feasible for Start-Up Entrepreneurs?

What is the collective noun for a group of entrepreneurs? An ambition or acceleration? A hustle or hive? Whatever! A great deal of good comes about when a whole bunch of them work together in the same space. South African writer, David Chislett, shares his of experience working in an entrepreneurial incubator in Amsterdam.

Entrepreneurial Juggling: Money, Sales and Media

The best person to teach entrepreneurship is the person who eats, prays and loves being an entrepreneur. Neo Malefane is one of these extraordinary people! His insights on how to juggle money, sales and marketing will help you focus on the balls you must keep airborne.

Hidden Creativity in the Eastern Cape

Who says you can't be a poet and a fashionista? Who says you can’t combine Afro-centric fashion and design with literature? Businesswoman and bookworm, Bukelwa Nqoqo, is combining the various loves of her life and is making a huge success of it at the East London Airport.

The French Connection

Thinking of applying for an internship? Why settle for cutting your teeth in Bloemfontein when you could go to Berlin or Barcelona? French student, Foucauld Wattecamps, chats about spending five months in South Africa and the valuable international experience he gained in the business development sector.