Issue 47 Editorial

Big Challenges, Brave Thinking, Bold Outcomes

If you, like our fearless CEO, are passionate about supply chain development and small businesses in South Africa then you are in for a treat. We cover the ABSA Supplier Development and HR tips and tricks for your small business.


SD Awards Video

WATCH: Why Supplier Development is Essential for the Growth of SA’s Economy

The ABSA Supplier Development Awards have come and gone, but we can't stop talking about them. This short video gets real about supply chain development and why South African corporates need to pull up their socks and get their hands dirty.
SD Awards

Beyond the Scorecard – What’s Holding SA Back?

Fetola's CEO and Founder, Catherine Wijnberg, the initiator of the ABSA Supplier Development Awards. And true to her style she asks the hard questions and puts big businesses on the spot regarding the development of supply chains.

Your Business

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire for Attitude and Not Skill

Gone are the days of hiring employees because they're qualified on paper. What happens when that person disrupts your team's chi? Pandemonium! A is for attitude. Write that down.

Mentor Talk

Small Business HR

Put Your Small Business on the Right Track With These 5 HR Tips

From contracts to working with family, you need to have your eye on the ball at all times when you are a small business owner. Get some top tips from Fetola mentor and HR specialist, Anna Harris-Stone, and put your small business on the right track.


The Inevitable

The Twelve Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

We've all heard terms like AI and Big Data - many of us like to wave at them as they pass us by. However, Kevin Kelly's book The Inevitable gets into the nitty-gritty of these technologies and explains how we will benefit from them in the future.

A Time for Consolidation

In trying times, one man's problem is another's profit. If you find a partner, you might well find solutions that profit your business and theirs. When the wind drops and the economy stagnates, says Catherine Wijnberg, Fetola's CEO, there's a way to rise above the situation and get a long view of the horizon.

Video: Anton Ressel Talks Partnership on #EntrepreneurCorner

Don't muddy the waters with a partner if things are going well, but when you need to grow, and you start to scale, you probably need more hands on deck. Fetola senior mentor, Anton Ressel, and Fin24's Liziwe Ndalana recently launched the #EntrepreneurCorner video podcast series. In the latest issue, they discuss factors to consider when taking a partner into your business.

Calling Exceptional Small Business Owners

Do you know a small business owner who is ready to take her business to the next level? Are you a high-potential entrepreneur who yearns to drive his dreams to unimagined places? This amazing opportunity for black-owned SMEs is taking new applicants. Read what current participants have to say about it!

Five Reasons All Start-Ups Need a Virtual Space

What is the collective noun for a group of entrepreneurs? An ambition or an acceleration? A hustle or hive? Whatever! A great deal of good comes about when a whole bunch of them work together in the same space. South African entrepreneur, Sibongile Booi, shares her knowledge of experience owning a virtual office space

Built to Last or Built to Exist?

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Before you leap on the business funding trolley, Rick Ed asks whether your small business really needs funding to help it grow. The safest bet to grow your SME, is to grow your sales and customer base...