It’s freaks and weirdos that change the world

If you always do what you're told and are too busy fitting in, then this issue is not for you. We've gone off the deep end this month but we think the crazies are gonna love it! You're welcome!



Are you a social entrepreneur?

Are you a social entrepreneur committed to improving lives and creating a real impact? FNB's Social Entrepreneurship Impact Lab is looking for passionate entrepreneurs just like you. Applications are open.

Say What?

Why men are better at business… or are they?

The big hitters in business the world over are typically male but women entrepreneurs have a different, broader concept of wealth. This is how sisters are doing it for themselves.

Words of Wisdom


Why solitude makes you more successful

Got FOMO? Feeling lonely? Take a minute, disconnect from technology and go far from the madding crowd. Here's why even adults need to have a timeout and listen to the silence.

Mentor Talk

Expert advice to help businesswomen stay on top

Let's face it, most women love to be on top because that's where the most action is. And we want them to stay there! You're going to want to read how our female mentors answered entrepreneurs' questions.

Lighten Up

What do women really want?

Women are simple creatures, said no man ever! But, if you would like to know how to find your woman's sweet spot, grab a pen, because you are going to want to take notes!


Good night stories for rebel girls

If you are raising queens, adventurers and innovators, then this is the perfect story book. It's filled with stories of real-life, kick-ass heroines who changed the world.

Let’s grow the economy one SME at a time

The SAB Foundation Tholoana Programme is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to building the economy and creating jobs. Applications are open. Don't miss this opportunity!
inner entrepreneur

When times are tough, bring out your inner entrepreneur!

When times are tough, we need a strategy to keep us on the upside. This issue is chock-full of tips to help entrepreneurs through the storm! So stop the crazy, step back and reflect.

Three steps to an empowered, productive workforce

A united and inspired workforce is the heart of any company and is worth nurturing and feeding. We've done the hard work for you. Here are 3 simple steps to find the glue that sticks a team together.

This book will be your wake-up call

Want to change the world but don't know how? This book on social entrepreneurship will fire you up to find innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. We love it!

Mentor’s 5 tips to market your business

If traditional marketing techniques are not working for you, it may be time to trade them in for a newer, sleeker model. Fetola business mentor Mohamed Majapa reveals 5 useful tips that will turn leads into sales.