It’s freaks and weirdos that change the world


Bring me your freaks and your weirdo’s, send me your misfits and your oddballs – for it is they who change the world. 

I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur that felt normal, who fitted in at school and who self-identifies as average. Which is such a relief, because the last thing I ever felt was normal, average or someone that ‘fits in’. It’s with entrepreneurs and business leaders that I have found my tribe. A tribe of rebels and misfits, of people that swim against the stream and seek the high road even if it’s tricky, dangerous and has never been done before. 

Not everyone gets it, the entrepreneurial gene that is. I am reminded of a conversation with an ex-employee who when asked why she wasn’t progressing with work on a new product turned to me in absolute frustration and said: “We can’t do this because it has never been done before”. I think my eyebrows shot off my face as I responded: “Yes, and that’s exactly why we are doing it!”  For the non-entrepreneur the thought of venturing into a zone where no man had ventured before was terrifying. For an entrepreneur it’s terrifying too, but in an exciting, exhilarating way. 

So, this month’s issues of Catalyst is filled with some fabulous articles for rebel women… and hopefully something for rebel men as well (even if it’s just some advice on how to help your rebel woman). 

There is a great article on managing your finances – get your head right, and just do it, and a lovely book review on Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (going to buy that one today!) plus an article on mastering solitude – the secret ingredient of success for leaders since the days of Plato.