Let the fun times roll: kick back, relax and dive into Fifty Shades of Shady!


I expect you to drop sand, suncream, mince tarts and braaied turkey onto the screen of this festive edition… and while you do that, let’s explore the holiday feeling. 

Holidays seem to be increasingly rare and precious times. In our crazy busy world, time off is in short supply, and holidays are an invitation to switch gear, kick back and relax. Strip off the work attire and switch to cozi, casuals and yesterday’s T shirt. Toss aside “How to be a better manager” and dive into Fifty shades of shady”. Disconnect from the news and binge-watch IsidingoFriends and Blue Planet, then fall asleep on the couch midmorning only to wake and secretly scoff last night’s cold braai chops before dozing on the other couch (the one in the sun). 

Holidays are for recharging. They are perfect for indulging in unbridled laughter, food and entire weeks of less is more. At their best they are filled with escapades that transport you to another world, even if it’s in your own garden. 

If, on the other hand, you are one of the doctors, nurses, police officers, retail store owners and bakers working your butt off (and somehow haven’t yet hit delete), I send you my grateful greetings and ask that you please let me know when you are on holiday while I am at work, so we can even the score. 

In this edition, we reveal just how to get those holiday feels: we show you where to get last-minute Christmas presents, how to choose a gift that your child will never forget and where to find the best Gatsby in Cape Town.

If you would like to sink your teeth into something meatier, read Fetola mentor, Simon Kerr’s 2020 vision. It’s a must for every entrepreneur!

Before I get distracted by the Christmas lunch, let me send greetings to your family and friends, and blessings on your festive table. I am filled with gratitude to you for being a part of our Fetola Family and look forward celebrating with you in the coming year.