Making Green Mainstream

Making Green Mainstream

Dear Reader,

The world is in a high energy process of change and the rules of the game are changing rapidly, across a wide range of fields.

In politics we see globalisation being challenged by rampant populism, nationalism and a growing hard-line right in Europe and USA. On the environmental front, climate-related events (the drought in Cape Town, record snowfalls in Europe and unprecedented hurricanes in America) are flashing warning lights at citizens. Globally most economies are facing a stubborn lack of growth – baring the unsavoury underbelly of the long-term effects of capitalism in the form of de-forestation, social upheaval, air and water pollution.

It’s human nature to resist change, but if we set aside the fear of the unknown and ask: “What is the benefit from this upheaval?”, we open a window through which to learn, and the opportunity to re-craft new systems.

The warning signs from the environment offer fertile ground for innovative actions to take us into the future. I observe a growing sense of personal accountability for our footprint on the environment – leading with the drought in Cape Town where citizens can see (and feel) the direct effect of their own consumption and individual actions. Citizens are rapidly changing their water habits and settling into a new normal where water is a scarce and valuable resource.

We are seeing climate change effects on our own doorstep, and they are alarming!

The result is that citizens and corporations, who until now have been complacent, inactive or downright belligerent about climate change, are starting to think, plan and act differently. And that is a good thing. I see an increased citizen action to reduce plastic pollution through initiatives such as the Ellen Mcarthur Foundation, 4Ocean cleanup drive and the growing movements to ‘say no to the straw’ (#thelaststraw), and ‘pick up three pieces of trash’ (#pickupthreepieces).

Fetola has made a 2018 commitment to strengthen and support environmentally-positive initiatives. This issue of Catalyst focuses on actions to create a better world in the theme ‘make green mainstream’. For those keen to collaborate in building better and more sustainable solutions, have a look at Fetola’s new GROUNDSWELL Africa initiative. GROUNDSWELL tackles climate-related challenges by supporting SMEs that provide solutions in the water and resource efficiency space. Entrepreneurs can apply until 9 March.

We also kick off our book of choice in this issue with “The Wellbeing economy” written by Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti. This book will turn your profit-motivated mind on its head. And don’t miss the video encouraging women entrepreneurs to create authentic businesses, as this book highlights the holistic impact of female-led business.

I’d love to hear from you, so please share how you’ve adapted your business to global upheaval and rapid changes. After all, necessity is the mother of invention!

Kind Regards,