The Wellbeing Economy

Wellbeing Economy

Author Lorenzo Fioramonti tackles the very real issues of the state of our environment in his book Wellbeing Economy: Success in a World Without Growth. The future is no longer about wealth accumulation, massive urbanisation, and consumption – the future has meaning.

The capitalist system has for so long relied on endless growth, which is measured by the GDP. We live in a time where war and crime increase GDP and good old world peace just doesn’t do the trick. The GDP now ignores all basic human, social and environmental needs. Fioramonti makes it clear that growth was once seen as a means to achieve development, but over time growth has become the goal, not the means. Development is the process, not a goal. Our goal now should be wellbeing.

Fioramonti touches on some tough points, one being the type of world we have built where consumption and competition are seen as the key drivers of success. The point he makes is that our values need to change. The world we live in is changing each day – FinTech, blockchain, the sharing economy reiterate the idea that access is more important than ownership.

Care is the pillar of the Wellbeing Economy – we need to take care of our environment, our families, our community because there is no wellbeing without involvement.

Although Fioramonti addresses very real issues – what are the solutions to these issues? The idea of a wellbeing economy is great, but how do we achieve this? This book will make you rethink the world as you know it – that does sound a tad bit dramatic, but maybe that’s what we need in order to make a difference.

If you would like to buy Lorenzo Fioramonti’s book Wellbeing Economy: Success in a World Without Growth please follow this link.